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Virtual Assistant Services where your time is truly your own.

Our dedicated virtual assistants give you an extra pair of hands to take on your administrative tasks, handle customer service, manage your schedule, and much more. 

Let’s hop on a quick call, and we’ll tailor a VA solution that’s perfect for you. 

Cut the Task List, Conquer the Chaos with Zero Efforts

As business owners, we often find ourselves sinking under a pile of tasks, struggling to find time for strategic growth. That’s where KPS Virtual Assistant Services come to your rescue.

Our league of Virtual Assistants is skilled in a plethora of tasks:

  • Administrative Support:   Our experts are data management experts whom you can trust and delegate tasks to get the help you need on time. 
  • Customer Service:  We deal with your customers, providing prompt and professional support both on the online and offline communication channels.  
  • Social Media Management: We’ll handle your social media platforms, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence.
  • Data ManagementFrom Data entry to creating comprehensive spreadsheets, our experts have eagle-claws, and laser-focused eyes on every new update.

Boost Your Productivity, Propel Your Growth

  • Avoid overhead costs associated with full-time employees. Pay only for the hours worked.
  • Get extra assistance during peak seasons to scale up your business. 
  • Our VAs are trained professionals, ensuring quality work every time.

Virtual Assistant Services

(10 Hour Package) <Br>Starting at

The Basic Package includes 10 hours of virtual support each month

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Virtual Assistant Services

(20 Hour Package) <br> Starting at

The Premium Package includes 20 hours of virtual support each month

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Virtual Assistant Services

(30 Hour Package) <br> Starting at
The Elite Package includes 30 hours of virtual support each month
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Seize the Day, Leave the Rest to Us.

Imagine what you could achieve with a few extra hours in your day. Are you ready to conquer the chaos and focus on growth? Here are some of our comprehensive offerings: 

  1. Customer Relation Management (CRM) 
  2. Data Entry 
  3. Documents, PDF 
  4. Formatting and Reports 
  5. Email Management 
  6. Schedule/Calendar 
  7. Electronic form filling
  8. Spreadsheet Creation 
  9. Transcription and recording of minutes of the Meeting 
  10. Articles/blogs creation 

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll tailor a Virtual Assistant solution just for you.